Miracles & Testimonies of the Rosary

  • While Saint Dominic was preaching the Holy Rosary in Carcassonne, a heretic made fun of the Miracles and the Fifteen Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. And this prevented other heretics from being converted. As a punishment God suffered Fifteen Thousand Devils to enter the man’s body.

His parents took him to Rev.Fr. Dominic to be delivered from the evil spirits, so Saint Dominic started to Pray and ask everyone to join him in the recitation of the Rosary

At Each Hail Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mary drove One Hundred Devils out of the man’s body and they came out in the form of red hot coals.

After He had been delivered, He felt very sorry for His former errors and was converted. He later joined The Rosary Confraternity, and other people around also joined the confraternity, after having moved by the Punishment and Powers of the Holy Rosary. 

  • James and other religious of His Order were zealously working to re-establish devotions to the Holy Rosary and also to erect a Rosary Confraternity in the city.

But unfortunately, two other Priests who were famous for their Preaching ability were jealous of the great influence James was impacting on the people, so they became jealous of His great preaching about the Holy Rosary. The two Priests spoke against this devotion whenever they had a chance and made many others not to join the Rosary Confraternity.

One of the Priests became determined to achieve His wicked end and He wrote down a Special Sermon against the Holy Rosary. He planned to deliver it the upcoming Sunday Mass, but on the Day for His Sermon, He was Nowhere to be found. The Parishioners waited for so long that they sent an elder to His house to check on Him, but when the Parishioner arrived at His house, He was found dead.

After the other Priest finish convincing Himself that the death of His colleague was due to nature call, He decided to carryout His friends plan and to deliver the
Sermon the following Sunday. In this way He planned to put an end to Rosary Confraternity in the Church.

The Day before His Sermon, as He was Preparing on how to deliver it, God stroke Him down with Paralysis which deprived Him of the use of both his Limbs and of His Power of Speech.

He later admitted His Sins and likewise that of His friend who is dead and immediately in His Heart of Heart, He silently besought the Blessed Virgin Mary to help Him. He promised Her that if only She would cure Him of this illness that He will Preach the Holy Rosary with the same zeal He had formerly Conceived to Condemn it. And He sought the Blessed Virgin Mary to restore His Power of Speech. And immediately He was instantaneously cured and He received his Speech back.

The Priest rose up like a New Soul, a Persecutor now a Defender of the Holy Rosary. He publicly acknowledged His former errors and ever after preached the wonders of the Most Holy Rosary with great zeal and Eloquence. And so many souls were converted and so many joined the Rosary Confraternity 



OCTOBER 'Month of the Holy Rosary'

Prayer for Mondays & Thursdays before the Joyful Mysteries
O Queen of the Holy Rosary, dear Lady of Fatima, the very thought that so many have been blessed only because they had recourse to thee with confidence, inspires us with fresh hope and courage to call upon thee to come to our assistance. Thou didst once promise Saint Dominic that whosoever desired the grace of God should obtain it by means of thy Rosary: now we, with Rosary in hand, call


Wisdom Talk
Do you hunger for the Bread of Grace and Bread of Life? Draw near to the Blessed Virgin Mary who bore the Living Bread which came down from Heaven.

How could there possibly be any prayer more pleasing to Almighty God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, or any prayer that are easier, more precious or more helpful than these two prayers: The Our Father and The Angelic Salutation. We should always have them in our heart and on our lips to honor the Most Blessed Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A Christian who does not meditate on the Mysteries of the Rosary is very ungrateful to Our Lord and shows how little he cares for all that Our Divine Savior has suffered to save the World. A Christian of this kind ought to fear that having never known Jesus Christ or having put him out of his mind and heart should remember that Jesus will also disown him/her at the Day of Judgment and will say reproachfully ‘Amen I say to you, I know you not’

There is no body in the world that will always recite the Rosary frequently, Meditating on the Mysteries of God and still remain in sin. For he shall be conscious of himself and be very careful not to commit a sin.

How do you think that Jesus and Mary who blesses those that curse them will ever curse those who honor them by the Hail Mary and the Our Father?

For the very first instance Elizabeth heard the greetings of the Blessed Virgin Mary, She was filled of the Holy Spirit and the baby in Her womb leaped for Joy. And Elizabeth pronounced in luke1:43 And why is this to me that the Mother of My Lord should come unto me?” Hey!!!!!!! Is Mary not the sister of Elizabeth why then did She call her the Mother of God and that She was not worthy for Mary to even come near Her.Thereby this event shows the greatness of Mary.

Our Lord is saying, ‘oh all of you that pass by, pause a while and see if there has ever been sorrow like unto the sorrow which I have undergone for love of you. Be mindful of my poverty and of my humiliations, think of the wine mingled with gall which I drank for you during my bitter passion.

Our Lord having known how weak we are made his prayer so short for us and very easy to say, so that if we say it devoutly and often we can be sure that Almighty God will quickly come to our aid.

It is by the devils wicked and jealous attitude that is responsible for getting people to neglect the Holy Rosary. And by so doing blocked the flow of God’s Graces which the Holy Rosary had drawn upon the world.

It is not even a Venial Sin not to say the Holy Rosary because it is voluntary, so therefore, sharing from the Graces and merits of your brothers and sisters who say this Holy Rosary in the world.

The Holy Rosary is made by the direct work of the Trinity and not by human instrument.

The greatest event in the whole history of the world was the incarnation of the eternal word by whom the world was redeemed and peace was restored between God and men.

The Blessed Virgin Mary was chosen to be and instrument for this tremendous event which was put into effects when she was greeted with the Angelic Salutation. “Hail full of Grace the Lord is with you, blessed are you among all women”.

These words and many others which could be given here should be more than enough to convince us that we must not only say the Rosary with our lips in honor of Our Lord and Our Lady, but also meditate upon the Sacred Mysteries while we are saying it.

The Hail Mary is a sharp and flaming shaft which joined to the word of God, gives the preacher the strength to pierce, move and convert the most hardened hearts even if he has little or no natural gift for preaching.

The Holy Scriptures reveals to us that after the Blessed Virgin Mary had visited her cousin Elizabeth, she recited the Magnificat. One prophetic verse in that prayer still echoes today, "Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed." [Lk. 1:48].The Holy Rosary fulfills the prophecy of those words, that the Blessed Virgin Mary shall be called blessed today as much as she was called blessed in the days that followed the glorious birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Most of the time in the Bible, God chooses to do His work through a human, whether it's Moses, Jacob, Joseph of the Old Testament, or one of the Prophets like Isaiah or Elisha. It's no different with Mary. God allowed salvation in the person of Jesus Christ to enter into the world through Mary, even though he could have just appeared all on his own. In like manner, it shows great humility on our part to approach Jesus in the exact same way that He approached us - Through Mary.  After all, if Jesus was obedient to Mary for 30 years of his life here on earth, shouldn't we imitate Him in that respect?   If Mary was good enough for Jesus, who are we to say that she isn't good enough for us?  Jesus Himself said that "No servant is greater than His Master". 

Mary is the daughter of God the Father, the Bride of the Holy Spirit, and the mother of Jesus.  That would make it almost blasphemous to put her down on every occasion. As Gabriel said, in a message from God, "Hail Mary!"  Catholics agree wholeheartedly with Gabriel! 

Catholics never have worshiped Mary as a goddess, but we do recognize that her soul, like every other soul ever made, is very much alive. People who say that Mary is dead sound more like atheists than like Christians. Mary says that her soul "magnifies the Lord", which makes Jesus clearer, more in focus, and larger.  That's a great lens to be looking at Jesus through. According to Gabriel, Mary was full of grace before the incarnation of Jesus, which indicates that Mary was part of the heavenly plan all along, not a random choice.

If one is lost and needs to get somewhere, the best thing to do is to find someone who knows the way better than anyone else.  Most of mankind is lost, and needs to find Jesus. Mary is the one person who knows the way better than anyone else, because She and Jesus shared the same body for 9 months, Jesus was subject to Her for 30 years, they probably even look alike, and they are of one accord.  Getting close to Mary is the fastest and best way to get close to Jesus.  It's pure folly to even think that by getting close to Mary you are somehow getting farther away from JesusJesus got his sacred Body and his precious Blood from MARY!
"Because of Mary's singular cooperation with the action of the Holy Spirit, the Church loves to pray in communion with the Virgin Mary, to magnify with her the great things the Lord has done for her, and to entrust supplications and praises to her.

Contrary to the belief of many of our separated brothers and sisters, when Catholics pray the Holy Rosary, they do not pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the same way as when they pray to God. Seeking the intercession of the Virgin Mary through the Marian Sacramental of the Holy Rosary, they pray to God through Mary.
The Catholic Church officially recognizes Three Marian Sacraments, these being The Holy Rosary, The Brown Scapular and The Miraculous Medal.

Of all the different kinds of Marian devotions, endless Catholic Church prayers, litanies and Novenas, the Holy Rosary is The Most Popular on Earth.

The Church Sacramental of the Rosary, recited daily throughout the world, brings back to memory thousands and thousands of times the words of the angel of God, "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you." [Lk. 1:28]

Those who have adopted the devotion of the Holy Rosary, they have grown in a special relationship with the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Having achieved this, they have consequently grown closer to Jesus. Through Mary, they have come to know Jesus in a very special way.

Catholics view Mary as the person who will defeat Satan on earth.  But she will not do it alone. Everyone who is consecrated to Jesus through Mary will help her in her God given mission to defeat the enemy.  As the Archangel Gabriel once said - "HAIL FULL OF GRACE!” 

Genesis 2:23 “ Then the man said. At last here is one of my own kind-Bone taken from my bone and flesh from my flesh.
NOTE: It makes us understand the incarnation of Jesus in the womb of Mary, therefore Jesus bone & Flesh are the same with that of the Blessed Virgin Mary his mother.

Symbolism of the Rosary in the Bible : the number of fishes counted by Jesus and his disciples as 153 signifies 153 Hail Mary(the 150 beads of the rosary + the 3 at the start)

At the mention of Jesus, every Knee must bow that Jesus is Lord (Philippian 2:10-11) THE NAME OF JESUS IS MENTION SO MANY TIMES IN THE ROSARY RECITATION MAKING IT A TRUE DEVOTION

King David Prayed “O, turn unto me, and have mercy upon me, give thy strength unto thy servant, and save the son of thy HANDMAID. TELL ME WHO IS THE HANDMAID OF THE LORD (THE ANSWER IS MARY)


The kingdom of God is like a king who had only one son from his beautiful Queen. The king and the Queen loved this little Prince of theirs’ so much and allowed him to grow loving everyone including his guards and servants, slaves and other members of the kings subjects.

As time went on, when the Prince was due for marriage, he found out that some people dislike the king’s precious Gold (his Mother) the person the king treasures very much.

The prince later found a girl he wants to marry, and he brought the girl to his house, the Queen treated the her daughter in-law kindly but the girl disliked the Queen and asked the prince to let her be if he don’t do away with his Mother. So the prince got annoyed, and sent her away saying ‘How can you be my wife if you do not love  my mother, nor my father’ but only me; this marriage will never work out.’

So the prince apologies to his parents and kept on searching for another to marry, and finally he got one who also behaved like the first, but in a different way, in the sense that she loved the prince, the king but disliked the Queen. So the king sent her away saying ‘How can you hate my wife and pretend you love and obey me. Out of my sight before I send my guards to bind you out’.

The prince gave a long distance off in order to get his parent’s choice. So he gathered friends to play with but his friends told him saying ‘We would have loved to be with you but we can’t stand your mother’. The prince got annoyed with his friends and sent them out of his house, and asked them not to ever return.

One faithful day, the Queen called his son and said to him “All of which you have brought to my house are all the same, they do not love me and I will not allow them to destroy my kingdom, to put enmity between you and me. So from today onward stay away from bad friends who always pretend to love you and your father but hate Me. Remember your father will never allow that”; and the prince said to his mother, OK mummy I will do as you have said because you and daddy know the best for me.  I will not bring anyone into this kingdom to spoil our good relationship.

On another occasion the prince found a girl, but this time around she was so a humble type, full of love for the prince, the king and the queen. The Queen found favour in her and accepted her to be the prince’s bride and they both got married and lived happily ever after. (STORY ENDS)

As you have read this Parable reflect on it. The Queen is the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Prince is Jesus Christ, and the King is GOD. Now all his friends and wife to be is the people of this world.

So check your category and change instantly to the best of the best. God blesses you. Amen

It is impossible to measure the power and scope of her offices since the day she was taken up to that height of heavenly glory in the company of her Son, to which the dignity and luster of her merits entitle her. From her heavenly abode she began, by God's decree, to watch over the Church, to assist and befriend us as our Mother; so that she who was so intimately associated with the mystery of human salvation is just as closely associated with the distribution of the graces which for all time will flow from the Redemption.
. The power thus put into her hands is all but unlimited. How unerringly right, then, are Christian souls when they turn to Mary for help as though impelled by an instinct of nature, confidently sharing with her their future hopes and past achievements, their sorrows and joys, commending themselves like children to the care of a bountiful mother. How rightly, too, has every nation and every liturgy without exception acclaimed her great renown, which has grown greater with the voice of each succeeding century. Among her many other titles we find her hailed as "our Lady, our Mediatrix, "the Reparatrix of the whole world, "the Dispenser of all heavenly gifts."
Since faith is the foundation, the source, of the gifts of God by which man is raised above the order of nature and is endowed with the dispositions requisite for life eternal, we are in justice bound to recognize the hidden influence of Mary in obtaining the gift of faith and its salutary cultivation - of Mary who brought the "author of faith"into this world and who, because of her own great faith, was called "blessed." "O Virgin most holy, none abounds in the knowledge of God except through thee; none, O Mother of God, attains salvation except through thee; none receives a gift from the throne of mercy except through thee."


Types of Sins

Do SIN has types

It is noticeable that Protestants argue that sin has no type, but I put it to you that there are types of sins.
                             1.     Sins that can be forgiven
                             2.     Sins that cannot be forgiven
According to Matthew 12:31-32.
And so I tell you that people can be forgiven any sin and any evil thing they say, but whoever says evil things against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. Anyone who

Doubts and Clearance

Mary: Ever Virgin


Most Protestants claim that Mary bore children other than Jesus. To support their
claim, these Protestants refer to the biblical passages which mention the "brethren of the Lord." As explained in the Catholic Answers tract Brethren of the Lord, neither the Gospel accounts nor the early Christians attest to the notion that Mary bore other children besides Jesus. The faithful knew, through the witness of Scripture and Tradition, that Jesus was Mary’s only child and that she remained a lifelong virgin.