Today is a special day in the history of Catholic Church as the Blessed of all Mothers (The Blessed Most Ever Virgin) was born on this day 8th September. It is with great joy, peace and gladness that I join the world today in wishing the Mother of our God Most High a Happy Birthday.

I pray that with our Lady's intercession, the world will know peace. I pray for the sick people in the Hospital, that as today marks a great birth in the history of the Catholic Church, that healing from the Most High God, the Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary will visit them.

The Most Blessed Mother Mary is the Daughter of God the Father, the Mother of God the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. May the Trinity be Praise both now and forever. Amen.

Amen Amen and Amen I say to all block rosarians around the world....that as you celebrate your Mother today, peace like a river will locate you. Amen.

I prophesy to the world today that the Million and Billions of rosary prayed throughout the world for peace shall never be in vain.

May the Almighty, all knowing, most powerful God of our father Abraham, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Moses be always there for lead and to bless us all. Amen.

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Preview for October 9th:

Preview for October 9th:
Optional Memorial of St. Denis, bishop and martyr and companions, martyrs; St. John Leonardi, priest; Bl. John Henry Newman (Eng/Wales)
Old Calendar: St. John Leonardi, confessor; Saints Denis, Rusticus and Eleutherius, martys; St. Louis Bertrand, priest (hist); Other Titles: Denys; Dionysius; John Leonard

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St. John Leonardi (1543-1609), a zealous Italian apostle, founded the congregation of the Mother of God, whose priest-members traveled throughout Tuscany urging the people to a stronger interest in their religion. Fr. John Leonardi longed to convert pagans, but his spiritual director, St. Philip Neri, told him to remain in Italy. So instead he founded a seminary in Rome to train young men for the priesthood from all the mission lands.
St. Denis, a third-century apostle of Gaul, and now one of the "Fourteen Holy Helpers" became first bishop of Paris. He suffered martyrdom there, together with his priest Rusticus and his deacon Eleutherius.
These feasts are celebrated today both in the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.
Pope Benedict XVI beatified Bl. John Henry Newman on September 19, 2010, at Crofton Park (near Birmingham). The pope noted Newman's emphasis on the vital place of revealed religion in civilized society but also praised his pastoral zeal for the sick, the poor, the bereaved and those in prison. This feast is celebrated today in England and Wales.
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Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman
John Henry Newman, one of the great Christian intellectuals of the nineteenth century, was born in London in 1801. His spiritual quest having begun in adolescence, he later went on to study theology at Oxford University. Subsequently, he became an Anglican pastor, a fellow of Oriel College, and leader of the Oxford Movement which studied the Catholic roots of the faith in England. In 1842, while writing his "Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine", he began to mature his conversion to Catholicism. He was admitted into the Catholic Church in 1845 and... Continue reading on the website.

Looking Ahead to the Next Seven Days
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Hope of Mercy for the Wicked

Hope of Mercy for the Wicked

Michelle Arnold | Catholic Answers Apologist | October 5, 2017
Nearly twenty years ago I read the click to read apocalyptic novel Father Elijah by Michael O’Brien. The story is set up as a confrontation between the hero, a Carmelite friar named Elijah, and the villain, a president who the pope thinks may be the Antichrist. The pope dispatches Father Elijah to try to avert the apocalypse by converting this evil man.
As the story winds to a close, Father Elijah goes to the president’s island stronghold for a final attempt to convert him. This ends in an exorcism that leaves the president unconscious on the carpet. Suddenly, an angel—in the form of a child who had helped Father Elijah earlier—appears:
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The Battle that Saved the Christian West

The Battle that Saved the Christian West

Christopher Check | Catholic Answers President | March 1, 2007
Americans know that in 1492 Christopher click to read Columbus "sailed the ocean blue," but how many know that in the same year the heroic Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella conquered the Moors in Grenada? Americans would also probably recognize 1588 as the year of the defeat of the Spanish Armada by Francis Drake and the rest of Queen Elizabeth’s pirates. It was a tragedy for the Catholic kingdom of Spain and a triumph for the Protestant British Empire, and the defeat determined the kind of history that would one day be taught in American schools: Protestant British history.  
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Forgiveness Depends on True Contrition

Forgiveness Depends on True Contrition

Tom Nashclick to read

Full Question

For Divine Mercy Sunday, does the amount of forgiveness I receive depend on how much I trust the divine mercy?


Some will ask, “On Divine Mercy Sunday, does the amount of forgiveness I receive in the sacrament of reconciliation depend on how much I trust in Jesus?” No, although increasing one’s trust in Jesus is always recommended. Forgiveness is a gift from God, not something we can earn by our level of trust,  
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Miracles & Testimonies of the Rosary

  • While Saint Dominic was preaching the Holy Rosary in Carcassonne, a heretic made fun of the Miracles and the Fifteen Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. And this prevented other heretics from being converted. As a punishment God suffered Fifteen Thousand Devils to enter the man’s body.

His parents took him to Rev.Fr. Dominic to be delivered from the evil spirits, so Saint Dominic started to Pray and ask everyone to join him in the recitation of the Rosary

At Each Hail Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mary drove One Hundred Devils out of the man’s body and they came out in the form of red hot coals.

After He had been delivered, He felt very sorry for His former errors and was converted. He later joined The Rosary Confraternity, and other people around also joined the confraternity, after having moved by the Punishment and Powers of the Holy Rosary. 

  • James and other religious of His Order were zealously working to re-establish devotions to the Holy Rosary and also to erect a Rosary Confraternity in the city.

But unfortunately, two other Priests who were famous for their Preaching ability were jealous of the great influence James was impacting on the people, so they became jealous of His great preaching about the Holy Rosary. The two Priests spoke against this devotion whenever they had a chance and made many others not to join the Rosary Confraternity.

One of the Priests became determined to achieve His wicked end and He wrote down a Special Sermon against the Holy Rosary. He planned to deliver it the upcoming Sunday Mass, but on the Day for His Sermon, He was Nowhere to be found. The Parishioners waited for so long that they sent an elder to His house to check on Him, but when the Parishioner arrived at His house, He was found dead.

After the other Priest finish convincing Himself that the death of His colleague was due to nature call, He decided to carryout His friends plan and to deliver the
Sermon the following Sunday. In this way He planned to put an end to Rosary Confraternity in the Church.

The Day before His Sermon, as He was Preparing on how to deliver it, God stroke Him down with Paralysis which deprived Him of the use of both his Limbs and of His Power of Speech.

He later admitted His Sins and likewise that of His friend who is dead and immediately in His Heart of Heart, He silently besought the Blessed Virgin Mary to help Him. He promised Her that if only She would cure Him of this illness that He will Preach the Holy Rosary with the same zeal He had formerly Conceived to Condemn it. And He sought the Blessed Virgin Mary to restore His Power of Speech. And immediately He was instantaneously cured and He received his Speech back.

The Priest rose up like a New Soul, a Persecutor now a Defender of the Holy Rosary. He publicly acknowledged His former errors and ever after preached the wonders of the Most Holy Rosary with great zeal and Eloquence. And so many souls were converted and so many joined the Rosary Confraternity 
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